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By Matt Sowell and Lauren Gorla


STATESBORO, GA- Last weekend ArtsFest, an annual festival of art which takes place in Sweetheart Circle, was celebrated at Georgia Southern University for the 34th year. But the event almost didn’t happen.


In January, the GSU arts department announced that it would no longer be hosting the festival. The community was outraged, since the event has been a longstanding tradition for both the Statesboro and GSU communities. But, the Statesboro Parks and Recreation department stepped up to organize the event.

“We’ve been taking, as staff, we’ve been taking our children for years and always loved the event and it was always well run and we just thought ‘well we can do that and try to keep it going as a community event,’” Broni Gainous, marketing coordinator for Statesboro Parks and Recreation, said. “And we started doing some investigating and some negotiations and we got it.”

Featured Slideshow: Georgia Southern University presents the 2016 Arts Fest

Photo Slideshow by Chelsea Davis

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ArtsFest continues for 34th year after almost being cancelled

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This Mill Creek Elementary student attended the Arts Fest last year and came back again this year. "I love the Arts Fest. Making art is fun; especially paintings and pottery" Jazlyn Foy said. In the picture she is holding a lay pot she made.