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Brunch in a Crunch

By Michelle Pratt

October 2017

Sunday mornings typically consists of laying around your house and resting, but the brunch culture has taken over the ‘Lazy Sunday’ tradition and turned it into a fun-day, especially for college students.


Brunch is a meal, that typically is on weekends, and more popular on Sunday. Which consists of breakfast like food in between the hours of breakfast and lunch. However many seem to think that the brunch culture is new with the millennial age.


In a column from the New Oxford, a Pennsylvania newspaper in 1896 the word brunch was first seen.


“The latest ‘fad’ is to issue invitations for a meal called brunch...a repast at 11 o’clock a.m.,” the column read.


Based on the history of brunch it started off as a Sunday meal. The New York Times even dubbed Sunday a two-meal day in 1939. However with the growing trend of brunch through the years, it now makes an appearance on Saturdays.


So what exactly is brunch, you may be wondering. According to the Cambridge English Dictionary brunch is “a meal eaten in the late morning that is a combination of breakfast and lunch.”


Since this meal substitutes your breakfast and your lunch, you want something that gives you the feel of breakfast, but enough savory aspects to keep you full until dinner.


According to Harris Cutcher, a waiter at The Public in Savannah Ga, the number one ingredient in a perfect brunch meal is eggs.


“No matter if it is from our menu, like the Brunch Hash or just a simple eggs benedict, you have to have eggs to make it brunch,” Cutcher said.


However no bruch meal would be complete without the perfect cocktail. Cutcher said that The Public's most popular brunch drink really depends on the season.


“Honestly it depends on what time of year it is,” he said. “In the summer bellinis, mimosas, and sangria are super popular, but in the fall we see more people ordering bloody marys.”


Although many people opt for going out to brunch, when you live in Statesboro it may be hard to find a restaurant that isn't an hour away.


Tory Fahey, a junior international studies major, usually makes herself and her roommates brunch on the weekends.


“Normally [my roommates and I] will do brunch at our house one weekend a month, and then splurge one weekend and go to Savannah,” Fahey said.


Fahey is not only conscious of how much she spends on brunch, but she also is conscious of how healthy the food is.


“Normally I will make eggs benedict on a whole wheat english muffin and then do a side of fruit salad,” she said. “It’s the perfect mixture of sweet and savory while still being pretty healthy.”


Although there are some students who like cooking at home, others may not be able to boil an egg to save their life.


This is the case for senior public health major Crista LiCausi. She says that normally she tries new brunch places in Downtown Savannah.


Some of the restaurants that LiCausi recommends for brunch are:

  1. The Public

  2. J. Christophers

  3. The Ordinary Pub

  4. The Coffee Fox (she states that this isn't really a brunch restaurant but is great for coffee and a bagel).

  5. The Collins Quarter


No matter if you are deciding to make your own brunch or go out to eat. These restaurants and recipes will help you have brunch when you are in a crunch.  

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