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Georgia Elections


Voter Registration closes in:

Students Encouraging Students

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Georiga Southern's Joshua Farara stood in the lobby of Henderson Library encouraging and registering students to vote.

What's on the ballot?

The Georgia election is approaching and voters will have the opportunity to vote for candidates that they wish to see in office as well as four statewide ballot measures that they may vote “yes” or “no” to.


According to, the first measure (or Senate Bill 133) involves the state intervening in Georgia secondary and elementary schools that are listed to be chronically failing.  


The state would form an “Opportunity School District” that would oversee the schools that are failing.  If the majority votes “no” to this bill, the creation of the Opportunity District will not be authorized, and schools will continue to be governed by the school boards and districts.


The second issue on the ballot (Amendment 2) addresses generating money for the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund.  



A “yes” vote on this measure means that the voter is in support of providing extra fees to a court case in which someone is found guilty of “keeping a place of prostitution, pimping, pandering by compulsion, solicitation of sodomy, masturbation for hire, trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, or sexual exploitation of children.”


The revenue collected from these extra fees will be given to the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children fund.


The last two measures involves replacing the current Judicial Qualifications Commission (Amendment 3) and addressing the distribution of funds made by the sale of fireworks (Amendment 4).


If Amendment 3 is voted in, the current Judicial Qualification Committee will be replaced by a new commission that is created and overseen by the General Assembly.


A “yes” vote to Amendment 4 would be in support of allocating revenue from firework sales to services such as trauma care, fire protection services, and public safety, according to


The Georgia election will be held on Nov. 8. Visit for polling locations, how to register to vote, and more.

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