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Wellness Center Hosts Campus Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market is a great people for the community to get goods that are freshly and locally grown. The Wellness Center teamed up with Statesboro's Farmers Market to bring the market on campus for students. 

By: Donna Jones 


STATESBORO, GA. - The Campus Farmer’s Market gives students access to purchase local goods and healthier food choices directly on campus.


The Wellness Center brings local farmers and vendors to campus, allowing students to buy goods that were made using environmentally sustainable practices. A couple of the practices include not using antibiotics or growth hormones and  using fewer pesticides.


Although the farmer’s market is known for selling fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits, lately many vendors have not been showing up to the event.


“We’re trying to get students to be aware of local businesses and buying produce that has been locally grown, but there is not a lot of produce,” Emelina Perez, marketing assistant for the Wellness Center said.


While there is a fresh bread and honey company, the market is noticeably missing greens and fruits that are associated with a farmer’s market. Perez said that one of the reasons that vendors are not showing up is because they are not making much money from coming on campus.


“The farmer’s don’t see it as an opportunity for them because they don’t really sale much here. That kind of hurts us both ways because students want produce, but then if they don’t come then they can’t get it,” Perez said.


Although the Campus Farmer’s Market is currently missing a surplus of produce, there are other vendors, such as Three Tree Coffee and Seven Willows Body Caro Co, that do take advantage of the market.


One of the vendors at the campus farmer’s market is the Center for Sustainability, who hand out recyclable bags, information sheets and cardholders.

“It was a great opportunity for us to promote our programs that we have going on like the environmental films we show throughout the semester and sustainability speakers,” Scott Blair, graduate assistant for the Center of Sustainability said.


The Wellness center also encourages clubs and student organizations that relate to sustainability or natural products to have a booth at the Campus Farmer’s market.


The Campus Farmer’s Market is located across from the Lakeside Dining Commons from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  every Tuesday in April.

By: Jordan Kelly

Locally-owned business "Seven Willows Body Care Co." offers customers a more natural option when it comes to hygiene.

By: Kaitlyn Glenn

Healthy eating isn't common on college campuses, but a sustainable food class at Georgia Southern is trying to change that. The class is at the campus farmer's market showing the students just how easy eating healthy can be.

20 attendees of the farmers market were asked what attracts them to the event. The above chart displays their respones. 

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