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Davon Johnson

Update 1: Nov. 4, 2020


The highly competitive Georgia special election will continue to a January runoff between Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Raphael Warnock, according to projections from CNN.

To win the November election outright and avoid a runoff, one of the candidates would have needed to surpass 50 percent of the vote. As votes rolled in, neither candidate garnered more than that mark. Loeffler, receiving 1,229,561 of the votes, and Warnock, grabbing 1,479,590 votes.

Georgia’s other senate race between Republican Sen. David Perdue and Democrat Jon Ossoff could also go to a runoff with the race being too close to call.

Update 2: Nov. 6, 2020


Georgia Secretary of state Brad Raffensperger announced early Friday morning that there is going to be a recount of ballots due to the small margin between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

Raffensperger said to the state that the number of votes is “too close to call."

As of Friday, Georgia had reported 99 percent of the votes have been counted, and Biden overtook Trump for a lead of 1,098 votes.

“The final tally in Georgia has huge implications for the entire county,” said Raffensperger. "The stakes are high, and emotions are high on all sides."

The race to earn Georgia's 16 electoral votes will have to wait, which has not voted for a Democrat for president since Bill Clinton in 1992.

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