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In the state of Indiana, Republican candidate Mike Braun is currently in the lead at 55.6%. Democratic candidate Joe Donnelly is sitting at 40.6% and Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton is sitting at 3.7%.


Braun became a Senate candidate for Indiana after his victory over congressmen Luke Messer and Todd Rokita in the U.S. senate race.


His support of President Trump has yielded both negative and positive feedback from Indiana citizens.


“Most people in this country are liking his agenda,” Braun said in a recent interview with The Washington Post. “When it comes to his style and so forth, I think a lot of folks are still trying to get over the ’16 election, and it shows in how they relate to the president.”


Indiana has long remained a primarily red state, with Republicans as the leading party.


Mike Braun is still ahead in the Indiana polls with 54.5%. Joe Donnelly is currently sitting at 41.4%.


A possible contributing factor to Braun’s lead could be traced back to Donnelly voting against Brett Kavanaugh’s induction into the Supreme Court.


Donnelly’s vote immediately received backlash from republicans in Indiana, including Braun.


"Voting against Judge Kavanaugh today is just the latest example of Senator Donnelly saying one thing to Hoosiers and then doing another in Washington," Braun said in a recent interview.


As a predominately-republican state, Indiana has proven to be a challenge for Donnelly so far.


As of 9:30 p.m., Republican candidate Mike Braun is projected to win the Indiana senate election.


He received 761,034 votes, leaving opponent Joe Donnelly with 598,254.


Braun and Donnelly remained neck-in-neck throughout the race, making it a close call for both candidates.


According to an article by Vox, Braun campaigned to protect gun rights and improve the economy.


He was the only candidate in his primary and general elections who had not been working in Washington over the past few years, and adopted President Trump’s “drain the swamp” slogan to establish his profile.

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