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Davon Johnson

Nov. 4, 2020


Republican Mike Parson has won the election for Missouri Governor, while Trump grabs the state’s six electoral votes, according to CNN.

 Parson defended his seat against Democratic state auditor Nicole Galloway.

It was the first run for governor by both candidates, with Parson’s campaign push focusing on law-and-order issues heading into Tuesday’s election while battling criticism from Galloway over the handling of the coronavirus.

During their campaigns, Parson promoted Medicaid expansion and opposed any limits to gun laws. Galloway campaigned for money in education and mental health services that would address systemic problems. Her efforts did not resonate with enough voters to make her the first female governor.

Parson is the third Republican candidate to win the Missouri governor’s race since the turn of the century, preceding victories from Greitens in 2016 and Matt Blunt in 2004.

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