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North Carolina


One of the 13 seats of the US House in North Carolina has been called.


Incumbent Republican Walter Jones has won the District 3 seat.


Meanwhile, Democratic challenger Dan McCready is leading the race District 1 seat at 51.13 percent. His challenger, Republican Mark Harris is behind at 47.32 percent.


More updates on this race will be added as the night progresses.


All 13 of North Carolina’s U.S. House seats were up for reelection. With North Carolina have voted Republican in the 2016 presidential election, it was expected for the state to vote predominantly Republican.


These are the winners of the District races:


District 1 -  Incumbent Democrat G.K. Butterfield by 70 percent


District 2 -  Incumbent Republican George Holding by 50.29 percent


District 3 - Incumbent Republican Walter Jones by 100 percent. No opponent.


District 4 - Incumbent Democratic David Price 73 percent


District 5 - Republican Virginia Foxx by 55 percent


District 6 - Incumbent Republican Mark Walter by 56 percent


District 7 - Incumbent Republican David Rouzer by 55 percent


District 8 - Richard Hudson 55 percent


District 9 - Republican Mark Harris by 49 percent


District 10 - Incumbent Republican Patrick McHenry by 59 percent

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