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Ohio is one of 36 states holding an election for governor in 2018. Republican Mike DeWine leads by 6 percentage points over Democrat Richard Cordray with 91 percent of precincts reporting.


Cordray was the Director of the United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and served previously as the Attorney General of Ohio. Mike Dewine is the 50th and current Attorney General of Ohio, he previously served in several offices: state senator, U.S. Representative, lieutenant governor and a member of the U.S.Senate


This race is a rematch from 2010 for Ohio Attorney General. Mike Dewine won that race but a lot has changed in 8 years.


Some major issues the candidates are focusing on is health care and drug abuse.


At 95% reporting (8,415 of 8,904 precincts) 4,127,571 votes have been counted in total. The polls in ohio opened at 6:30 am and closed at 7:30 pm.


Ohio was also one of four states in which President Donald Trump had a double-digit positive net approval rating at the time of his inauguration that has now dropped to a negative score, according to Morning Consult. So DeWine may have been wise in trying to keep some distance from the president during his campaign.

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