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Eagles Enjoy Pizza and Prices in Russell Union



By: Danielle Wardlow


STATESBORO, Ga.- Georgia Southern University’s Student Housing Official Supporters hosted their first housing fair of the new year yesterday in the Russell Union from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m..


This year’s off-campus housing fair offered free pizza to students as an incentive to hear about the different properties in the area. The students were required to obtain at least four signatures from the Housing Official Supporters before they were served pizza and lemonade.


“You never really see this much participation, I love the energy,” said junior business major Sean Williams.


While some students just came for the pizza a few students found the apartment of their dreams.


“Their entire community is beautiful, I’m applying today,” said senior education major Lauren Moore, in reference to The Hampton’s.


The Hamptons is the newest apartment complex in Statesboro, while it is luxurious, some students would still rather be on-campus.


“It is just easier, I don’t want the hassle of paying rent or working while I’m in school,” said senior biology major Stacie Grant.


Overall, the event had a nice turn out with the Housing Official Supporters enjoying every moment to sell their properties.


“It’s nice to be here,  it’s a lot of competition because we [housing official supporters] all offer most of the same things,” said Fran Brown, a representative from 111 South.  


This event was also hosted by the Russell Union Facilities and Event Services.


The Housing Official Supporters include: Cambridge @ Southern, University Village at Southern, 111 South, The Hamptons, Forum at Statesboro.




Property managers who would like to register to become Official Supporters can click this link.



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