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A GSU event that encourages religious conversation and discussing hot topics around the world

Hot Wings and Hot Topics

by Gabe Thomas

By: Caroline Hodge 

During Georgia Southern University's annual Hot Wings & Hot Topics event representatives of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Baha'i faiths were all present for active religious discussions with students.


Dr. Dan Rea a professor in the College of Education hosted the event along with the Multicultural Student Center on campus.


“So with events like this is a chance to have discussion, have open dialogue, to ask questions about hot issues about contemporary issues, whatever and find out for themselves firsthand from a rabbi or from a priest or a representative of the different world religions what their actual beliefs are,”  Dr. Rea said.


Dr. Allyson Prude a Religious Studies professor on campus encourages the event and for her students to openly engage in religious conversations.


“At Georgia Southern one of my goals, being the teacher who does Asian religions is to introduce students to religions and ways of thinking about religion in ways they haven't been exposed to before,” Dr. Prude said......



By Katie Tolbert

Hot Wings &

Hot Topics

 Spotlight Interview


By: Sadia Yansaneh
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