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Why Do People Vote ?

By: Christopher Smith

October 29,2016

The election this year is interesting, from the local elections all the way up to the presidential election.


This election is more of voting against another candidate instead of voting or one. With this being the sad case, there are a few citizens who are choosing to not be involved with the voting process.

It is a possibility students are not informed about the election. The race that many citizens see and pay the most attention to is the presidential race. Very little are informed about the local elections that impact them the most.

“We have to become accountable, and we have to take our own community into our own hands. Vote where it matters most, and that’s here,” James Woodall, State Representative for District 160 candidate said about voting locally.


By choosing to not vote, local citizens are giving up their right to make a difference. It is not always the local citizens fault as to why they do not vote. Maybe they would feel more inclined to vote if the election candidates went out of their ways to connect with the


Jan Tankersley is one of the election candidates that do this very well. Tankersley is well connected with her community and is the main reason she is the State Representative of District 160 incumbent since 2010.

“It’s our civic duty. I tell people that there are a lot of countries still fighting for this right that we have, that we don’t always take advantage of,” Shontay Jones, deputy voter registrar said.


Voting is a long and tedious process, so it is understandable when Georgia Southern students and other Bulloch County residents don’t take the time to participate.

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