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Three U.S. House seats have been called for Colorado, with Republicans taking two of the seats while Democrats have taken one.


Ken Buck and Doug Lamborn, each incumbents, claimed districts four and five, respectively, for the Republicans.


Ed Perlmutter, also an incumbent, claimed district seven for the Democrats.


Four seats are still up for grabs in the House race, with Democrats leading in district one, two and six, and Republicans leading in district three.


The Colorado gubernatorial race has been called. Democrat Jared Polis has become the first openly-gay man to be elected governor.


Polis defeated Republican candidate Walker Stapleton after gathering 51.3 percent of the votes.


Polis won by a landslide in Denver and the surrounding metropolitan area, propelling him to a historic victory.


Incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper was unable to run again due to term limits.

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