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Incumbents retake their seats in the   2018 County Commissioners Race

Incumbent Democrat Anthony Simmons and Incumbent Republicans Walter Gibson will keep their seats until the next term.


The seats up for reelection were District 1, seat B and District 2 , seats B and D.


Simmons won his District 1, seat B by 64 percent, or 3,218 votes and Gibson won District 2, seat B by 74 percent or 12,136 votes































District 2, seat D was previously held by retired Republican Robert Rushing. The seat was challenged by Rushing’s nephew Timmy Rushing. Timmy won the seat by 72 percent or 12,936 votes.


Democrat Carlos Brown was running against Timmy for his seat, but lost by 12,988 votes*.

Brown said that this is the second time he has ran for the commissioners seat last term, and has not decided whether he will run in the next race four years from now.














Issues unaddressed


One issue that Brown had wanted to address should he become commissioner was Bulloch county’s trash situation.


Bulloch County currently does not have a solid waste facility, causing all trash pick-up to be sent to another county. The county also does not have recycling center.


“We have trash on the roadways that we need to get picked up but it’s not happening,” Brown said. “We also need to identify folks that dump trash, if we can. We need to find them severely and deter them not to dump the trash.”


Brown said that his opponent and he had similar ideas when it came to bringing jobs to the Bulloch County area.


“Young  people, when they finish school at Georgia Southern or Ogeechee Tech, they don’t have to go someone else to find jobs,” Brown said. “We want to bring jobs in this area to retain those folks rather then them going off to Atlanta like my daughters had too.”


Brown said he did not know whether any of the commissioners, including Timmy, would address these issues in the future.


*17,978 votes total

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