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Commissioner's Race 2018


While the results for the local Bulloch County Commissioner races have not rolled in, Democratic nominee Carlos Brown for District 2 seat B gave his input on why this election was significant for voters.


The 2018 midterm election has seen a surplus of voters, especially in the younger 18-29 demographic. Brown said that he believes that the reason for this turnout is due to the words and actions of America's president, Donald Trump.


“It’s the language he uses,” Brown said. “They don’t like the way the country is divided. The president is not helping with that situation. If fact, he’s hurting it.”


Brown added that while the process of impeachment is too drastic right now, the possible surplus of Democrats may hold President Trump more accountable for what he says and does.


“[Voters] want someone who will hold him accountable,” Brown said. “Right now he can do and say what he wants, nobody holds him accountable.”


Brown said that while Republican nominee for Georgia Brian Kemp is in the lead, it is still possible for Georgia to lean democratically.


“There’s still a lot of counting to do,” Brown said.

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