The U.S. House currently belongs to the democratic party. With only 3 % in Charlie Baker is currently winning with 52.5% with Jay Gonzalez with 47.5% for the race in Massachusetts. 


Massachusetts Democrats hold the U.S. Senate position with Elizabeth Warren winning with 71.4%.


Charlie Baker has re-elected for Governor for Massachusetts for his second term.

He was very excited about re-elected he went straight to Twitter.


"Thank you, Massachusetts! Six years ago, I promised to go to Washington to fight for you every single day. Tonight, let's send the powerful interests a message: We're just getting started," Warren tweeted.


Baker lead with 65% receive 132,662 votes while Gonzalez only received 69,947 votes 35%. Only 202,609 total votes were counted with on 157 out 2243 precincts reporting (7%).  

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