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COVID-19 Numbers Spike During Election Week

by Chase Martaus

Nov. 11, 2020


Coronavirus numbers reached a new high during election week in the U.S. as the country averaged more than 100,000 cases per day throughout the week. 

The much expected second wave of coronavirus is approaching as the temperatures begin to drop across the country. ABC News reports that cases have increased 31 percent over the past week, and every state has reported an increase. Seventeen states have reported a record for single day hospitalizations. 

The Midwest is dealing with it the most. Midwestern states like Missouri were some of the first states to open back up. South Dakota is one of the two states that does not have a single county enforce a mask rule. It has been hit harder than any state with a positive rate at just over 54 percent in a week. 


According to research from Johns Hopkins University, cases from across the nation have increased by 45 percent over the past two weeks.

Deaths have increased up to 15 percent per day with an average of about 850 deaths, which is up

from the average of 700 per day last month.


Both Massachusetts and Rhode Island have enforced an overnight curfew after both states recorded over 1,000 confirmed cases in a nine-day span.

Indiana recorded a record of 63 new deaths on Tuesday, and 4,879 confirmed cases of coronavirus. Both of which are their second highest daily counts on record. With the death total at just over 4,700, coronavirus is the third leading cause of death in the state.

Even with the United States’ spike in coronavirus cases during the past few weeks, Trump supporter and businessman, Jeff Bell is not concerned about the recent rise in cases. He has some suspicions in the recent numbers put out by media outlets. 


“I think the numbers are fixed or misleading,” said Bell. “Deaths are plummeting and that is what matters. It is suspicious that the numbers are increasing right around election time.” 

The U.S. currently leads the world with the most cases  at just over 9.5 million coronavirus cases.

Health metrics from the University of Washington estimate that over 120,000 people may lose their lives by Inauguration Day on January 20 as a result of coronavirus.


President Trump has lost many supporters with his handling of the pandemic and the way he has acted. Madeline Devries, a health and fitness specialist, voted for President Trump back in 2016, but could not place a vote next to his name on the ballot this year. 


“I just cannot help but wonder where we would be right now as a country in controlling the pandemic if we had a different president,” said Devries. “Trump has set a horrible example for our country with how he has handled the pandemic, and continues to downplay its severity.”


Cases continue to rise across the country. The handling of the pandemic was the ultimate dagger in the Trump Administration, and another one of his men have tested positive for Covid-19.


David Bossie, Trump’s leader of the fight for a recount, became another member from the Trump administration to contract the disease. Trump tested positive back in October.

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