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Georgia House of Representatives Race 2018




District 12 Battle

By: Megan Quinn  November 2, 2018

In Georgia’s 12th Congressional District, there are two candidates running for representative that bring very different issues and opinions to the table. Rick Allen, the incumbent representative, and Francys Johnson will go head to head on November 6, 2018 for this seat in Congress.


The counties that these candidates have the chance to impact are the following:

·     Appling

·     Bulloch

·     Burke

·     Candler

·     Coffee

·     Emanuel

·     Evans

·     Jeff Davis

·     Jenkins

·     Laurens

·     Montgomery

·     Richmond

·     Screven

·     Tattnall

·     Toombs

·     Treutlen

·     Wheeler

·     Portions of Columbia and Effingham

On Allen’s official website, one can find a list of three key issues that are an emphasis in Allen’s campaign: agriculture, economy and jobs/education. Allen currently resides on the House Agriculture Committee and has plans to continue and improve upon research, farm credit and rural development among other agricultural issues.


Johnson’s site does not list agriculture as a key issue, but it does speak to making reforms to ownership of guns.


“Military style assault weapons and machine guns are a threat to domestic tranquility and are not necessary for the common defense,” says Johnson under the values page on his website.


The two candidates have similar goals when it comes to education.


Allen’s site states that “God created every child to be unique, each with special gifts and ideas that only he or she may have. I believe that families should have the opportunity to select a K – 12 education environment that is best suited for their children, from traditional public schools to homeschooling.”


Johnson’s simply says that, regardless of where they live, all children deserve a good education.


While both candidates similarly speak from a first-person point of view, they differ in tone. Johnson employs very personable language, referring to voters as “my neighbors”, while Allen stays very professional, focusing on bills that he has had a part in passing during his time as a congressman.


Our staff reached out to both candidates and their campaigns, but did not receive any responses.


For an insight into how informed some Georgia Southern students are on the upcoming elections, check out the video "Man On The Street" on our Georgia House of Representatives Race home page.


For more info on either candidate, voters can look in depth at each candidate’s values and key issues before heading to the polls on Nov. 6, via the links provided above.

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