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Exploring Diversity at Georgia Southern University

Kayla White, a multimedia communications major at Georgia Southern University, begins her Wednesdays by waking up at 5:30 a.m. for her 8:00 am. class.


White uses this block of time before class to get dressed and mentally prepare for the day.


At 7:05 a.m. she catches the bus to go to her first class.


Herein lies her first struggle of the day. Continue



By: Isaac Taylor

October 15, 2017

Kayla White, mutimedia communications major at Georgia Southern University

Eagle Dining Services hosted a special food event, featuring international cuisine, in Georgia Southern’s Dining Commons earlier today.


This event allowed students to tour various nationality stations at Dining Commons.


By: Isaac Taylor

October 18, 2017

Name: Dr. Jamie Hebert

Position: 13th President of Georgia Southern University

Native of Louisiana

College: University of Louisiana-Lafayette

Education: Bachelors, Masters, and PhD in Statistics

The stations offered country specific food and were decorated according to the nation they represented.


Australia, Brazil, Russia, Morocco, America, Japan and Italy were the nations chosen to feature food. Continue












By: Mikhael Tomlinson 

October 20, 2017

STATESBORO—Home to 40 Greek life organizations, six predominately student bars, and a racial tension you can cut with a butter knife, Statesboro Georgia is a quiet town with a loud issue.  Continue




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Q & A With President Jamie Hebert

By: Zainab Oladega

October 22, 2017

Georgia Southern is going through a consolidation period with plans on merging with Armstrong State University.


An implementation committee has been created, consisting of students, faculty, staff, and community members of both GSU and Armstrong. Implementation will be finalized by January, 2018. Continue

By: Caey Rohlen 

November 2, 2017

As fall turns to winter, international and local-grown Statesboro residents ready themselves for the yearly International Festival held each November. The 12th annual festival promises a wide variety of activities and performances to acclimate the participant’s peers to their unique traditions. As the date draws nearer, patrons of multicultural backgrounds are buckling down in preparation for this year’s festivities. Continue

By: Kyle Haynes

November 11th, 2017


Statesboro- On November the 11th the Statesboro community and Georgia Southern University’s office of International Program and Services hosted the 12th annual International Festival. The event occurred from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m and was hosted at Mill Creek Regional Park.

Angie Threatte the festival coordinator for Georgia Southern International Programs said that the event “is still very young and has time to continue to grow, it will only get bigger and better.” Continue

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