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Election Night 

GS College Republicans Anxious to Find Out the Next US President

   Novemer 8, 2016/by: Allison Martinez

As the sun set on Georgia Southern’s campus the evening of election night, the halls of Sanford filled with students, faculty, and visitors from around the Statesboro community waiting in anticipation to find out who the next president of the United States will be.


Chase Davis, president of the college republicans, had his eyes glued to the monitor as the results for each state were being called. Although he is the president of the young republicans, Davis swayed away from voting for the republican nominee, Donald Trump, and instead voted for the republican candidate Evan McMullin. (Continued)

The Democratic Headquarters 

   by: Kierah Highsmith

The Political Drug

   November 8, 2016/by: Caitlyn Oliver

Jared Sexton is a creative writing assistant professor at Georgia Southern University and has been receiving death threats for his campaign coverage.


Sexton started writing about the 2016 elections and live tweeting Trump campaign rallies over a year ago. This started as a way to keep himself engaged in the campaign and went further than he expected.


“I really wanted to dive deep into an election. I really wanted to throw my mind into it and, instead of being a passive bystander watching it on cable news, I wanted to be there while it happened,” Sexton said. (Continued)

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