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' B o r o  C o f fe e  S h o p s

Owners and baristas of coffee shops native to the Statesboro area talk about what makes their shop unique, some of the challenges of operating a coffee shop, and their best-sellers/signature coffee beverages.

By Jordan Kelly

     STATESBORO, Ga. – Often overshadowed by popular corporations like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, Statesboro is home to some of the quaintest coffee shops.


     Cool Beanz and Three Tree Coffee have been roasting coffee beans for over two years, and The Daily Grind has been serving the people in the Statesboro area for over 15 years.


      While all of these coffee shops were opened by Statesboro natives, each shop has its own unique niche that attracts a variety of customers – both young and old.


     David Hoyle owns and operates Cool Beanz Espresso Bar, and the shop has been up and running for nearly two years. Hoyle opened his second location in Statesboro right off Fair Road last November. He has a passion for providing quality beverages, and he welcomes all coffee connoisseurs.


     “I got into coffee about five years ago. I traveled out of the country, and down in Venezuela, I had some fresh coffee. It was really good,” Hoyle said. “Since then I’ve gotten where I can discover good coffee, and I just want to share that with people.”


     Hoyle is very selective about the type of coffee beans and the method of grinding of his beans. He insists that every detail that goes into producing that steaming cup of joe dictates its taste.


     Approximately five minutes down the road, Three Tree Coffee found its home on South Main Street. After only roasting and selling coffee beans to other local businesses in Statesboro, owners Philip & Anna Klayman decided to open their very own doors about six months ago. The Klaymans take pride in their business, and they, too, believe it supporting other local businesses.


     “We’re talking about knowing who the farmers are. We’re talking about transparency in what you buy and how you buy it,” Klayman said. “We’re at the farmer’s market every Saturday in season. What we love is that we get to meet our producers. We know who they are. So you’re supporting a local family and a local business.”


     The Klaymans would like to think of themselves as philanthropists as well. The mission of Three Tree Coffee is to be a source of life in three ways: Empowering coffee farmers, ending human trafficking and engaging their community.


     Lastly, on the corner of South Zetterower & Savannah Avenue, The Daily Grind has been brewing coffee for over a decade. It’s been three years since its most recent owners, Rebecca Wildi & Elizabeth Anderson, bought the shop from its original owners. However, they have both worked at The Daily Grind since it opened.


     Barista Amy Womble says The Daily Grind is a staple in the Statesboro community and that is what ultimately sets them apart from everyone else.


     “To me, The Daily Grind is timeless. For almost sixteen years, it has looked the same ever since I was a teenager. It was no other place in Statesboro like it at the time, and for sixteen years, we’ve served the exact same things,” Womble said. “We have people who come in every day. The personal relations we create and have created over the years is very important to us.”


     The Daily Grind family takes in pride in that they brew all their coffee and prepare all their ingredients for their lunch menu fresh every day.


     Whether you’re enjoying a toasty BLT from The Daily Grind or supporting an underpaid coffee farmer in another country at Three Tree, you’re also supporting a few of the many local businesses in the place hundreds of people call home.

By Chris Ogletree

Three Tree Coffee owner Philip Klayman explains their work with Fair Trade Coffee.

By: Donna Jones

A map of the featured coffee shops.

By: Donna Jones

Check out some of the items on The Daily Grind's lunch menu.

By: Kaitlyn Glenn

Coffee prices vary depending on where the customers decides to purchase their drinks, even if it's the same type of drink. Here is a comparison of drink prices from the local coffee shops in Statesboro and a major coffee franchise, Starbucks.

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