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Eagles Take Flight for Spring Break

Spring break is a time that students and faculty look forward to all semester. Whether you're staying in the 'Boro, going home, going on a service trip, or hitting the beach, this much needed break is sure to rejuvenate the Eagles for a strong finish to the semester. 

By: Kaitlyn Glenn

    STATESBORO, GA. - Katy Kaesebier was a freshman at Butler University 10 years ago when she decided to go on her first alternative break trip. She wanted to do something different for spring break while helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.


    Now Kaesebier, Georgia Southern University's Coordinator of Alternative Breaks and Community Partnerships, gets to share that same opportunity with nine GSU students on an alternative spring break trip back to New Orleans. On the trip the students will get the opportunity to help rebuild parts of the city that are still ruined from the storm.


    Kaesebier said the alternative breaks program at GSU actually started in response to Hurricane Katrina in the spring of 2006. She said the program is excited to return to the original site, where it all started, and continue to help with the Katrina relief efforts.


    “[The alternative breaks] are a really great way for people to step outside of their comfort zone and get to see a community in a way that you don’t get to see it if you go there as a tourist. You’re working with people who call that their home, and it’s a really unique way to be able to get hands on experience with a certain issue,” Kaesebier said.


    The alternative breaks process starts by allowing students to choose what social issue interests them the most. A few social issues the program deals with include animal rights, hunger and homelessness, and youth and education. The students then spend six to eight weeks learning about that particular social issue and how they can help while on their specific trips.


    Lexi Booth, an alternative break site leader, said the students on the ‘Putting the Pieces Back Together’ trip during spring break will be working with a local organization called Rebuilding Together New Orleans. The students will get a chance to help make repairs, paint, landscape and do some light carpentry work.


    Auburn Bell, a junior Political Science and Spanish major, said the alternative break trips have provided cheap opportunities to travel to different places, while also volunteering and giving back.


    The alternative breaks offered at GSU are available to all students that pay their student fees. The May break applications are open March 7- March 20, go to the alternative breaks website to learn more about it.


By:Chris Ogletree

By: Jordan Kelly

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