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A College Town Divided -- by Chicken Wings 

Wings are finger-lickin' good. They go well with almost every occasion, sport games, movies, parties, you name it. Georgia Southern students all have their favorite spot to go eat when it comes to wings. 

By: Christopher Ogletree

By: Kaitlyn Glenn

Hot wings and sports go hand in hand. We took a look at one of Statesboro’s local restaurants, Gnat’s Landing, to see why people choose to watch the game there instead of at home.

By: Jordan Kelly

Statesboro, Georgia is the home of Georgia Southern University, Splash in the Boro, Paulson Stadium, and the birthplace of Zaxby’s. There are over 30,000 people in this town with various hobbies and preferences. One thing that many people, especially students of Georgia Southern University love to do, is to eat wings.


“I don’t know why, but it just seems like everybody in Statesboro loves to go out to eat; and they love to eat wings when they go out,” Jerry Jones, a senior chemistry major said. 


When in Statesboro, there are four places in particular that people love to go to eat wings: GATA’s, Gnats, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Wild Wing Cafe. Each place is significantly different than the rest, yet somewhat similar because they all serve wings.


GATA’s is the restaurant that is the closest to campus compared to the rest. They have 16 flavors of wings that customer Christopher Brown says are “finger licking good.” According to Laura Bastien, an employee of GATA’s, there are two things that set this restaurant apart from others.


“The wings here are the best because they have the perfect amount of flavor and are fried for just the right amount of time. That coupled with the atmosphere of this place is unmatched by any other place in Statesboro.”


Almost 2 miles up the road on Main Street is Gnats; another restaurant that people love to order wings from. Gnats has half as many wing flavors that GATA’s has, but according to Nick Beach, a waiter at Gnats that is the perfect amount.


“We have 8 flavors of wings, which is not a lot, but the flavors that we have are absolutely delicious and you can’t go wrong with choosing any of them,” Beach said.


Exactly 2 miles from Gnats, is Buffalo Wild Wings, also known as “B-dubs.” This restaurant has a total of 21 flavors of wings for customers to choose from. An employee of this restaurant believes that they have the best wings in Statesboro “hands down.”


“Our wings are better than the rest because we have so many choices to choose from. We have wings that range from very sweet to as hot as you could make wings. No matter what your taste buds enjoy, we have wings for that,” Elena Yeargan, a waitress of Buffalo Wild Wings said.


Yeargan also said that their Slogan, “Beer. Sports. Wings.” Is perfect for them because there is a lot of each of these things at B-dubs.


Lastly, three miles from B-dubs is Wild Wing Cafe. This restaurant has the most wing flavors out of all four places with 33 sauces made from scratch. Chatise Smith, a waitress at Wild Wing Cafe believes that they have the best wings out of all the other wing spots.


“We are different. Most places have only one flavor per sauce. We have five or more flavors in almost each type of sauce that we carry.”


Their sauces are split into 6 categories: traditional buffalo, sweet, seasoned, sweet ‘n spicy, bold fun flavors, and bar-b-ques.


There is one thing that is certain when in Statesboro, Georgia: You can find a place to eat good wings.




By: Donna Jones 

It's one thing to go out to restuarants and get wings, but it is another to make your own at home. Darius Williams made his own teriyaki wings.

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