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Colorado Republican Senator Unseated

by Kayla Beasley

Nov. 10, 2020

Senator John Hickenlooper of the Democratic party has unseated Republican Sen. Cory Gardner as the Colorado state senator after a nine percent lead.

Both candidates have had former political experience. Hickenlooper was the mayor of Denver from 2003 to 2011. He was also governor of Colorado from 2011 to 2019. Gardner has experience serving in the Colorado House of Representatives, as well as the U.S. House of Representatives.

Both candidates have key issues that they support. However when it comes to certain issues, one candidate feels stronger than the other.

When it comes to climate change, Hickenlooper supports strategies that use more solar energy and wind techniques. By Hickenlooper showing favoritism towards solutions that help society, he gained votes from young adults.

Agriculture major, Daniel White, said how he is looking forward to seeing the different solutions that Hickenlooper makes when it comes to solar power. White visits Colorado every year on vacation so he is always keeping up with any political news in the area.

“When I found out that Sen. Hickenlooper won the senate race, I was very excited because I knew he would do things that would contribute to less use of fossil fuels,” said White.

Other than environmental issues, one of Gardner’s supports was tax cuts. He voted for Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which took away taxes for many American citizens.

Ravin Acree, who has family in Colorado, mentioned how she does not understand the need for tax cuts.

“I do not see a problem with the upper class paying more taxes because they make more money,” said Acree. “Why cut taxes for everyone? I can understand cutting taxes for low income people, but the fact that they are cutting taxes off of people who make millions, is ridiculous.”

In contrast to how Acree feels, her uncle, Thomas Acree, supports where Gardner stood and wishes he would have remained in office.

“A few months ago, Sen. Gardner accepted a grant that would help prevent veterans who could face being homeless,” said Thomas Acree. “I have buddies who served and I saw a few of them have nowhere to go, so if a man is trying to prevent that from happening to anymore men like my former friends, they have my ultimate support.”

Though having support from some Colorado citizens, Gardner’s term as senator has come to an end and now people are anticipating to see what Sen. Hickenlooper will do in his term.

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