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A Dedication to Trayvon

Students create posters to present in Henderson Library

for History of Mass Communication course

By Kenji Canty


A Georgia Southern art student D'Antre Harris decided to take his final project for class and turn it into a personal and special dedication for Trayvon Martin. 

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes

By Cordell Moodie


STATESBORO - Georgia Southern Athletics shows a lot of heart as they attend “walk a mile in her shoes” as a unit to bring awareness to domestic violence. 


On a day where organization “Sexual Assault Student Educator’s” said this was the biggest showing in their three years of hosting this event it was the athletic department that made an impact.


Georgia Southern’s football team and coaches made sure to be in attendance but they weren’t the only ones as men’s and women’s soccer made an appearance as well.  Along with them were coaches and Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein himself.


Kleinlein acknowledged the fact that assault and domestic violence are a hot topic in our society. He believes that having male figures like the basketball team, and football team in attendance will send a message that this domestic violence and assault will not be tolerated in our society.


The football team apparently shares the same sentiments as Kleinlein as they went to their coaches to discuss participating in this event.  Graduate Assistant Josh Christian-Young of the football team was one of the people the players approached about being part of this event.

Christian-Young whose first time contributing to the event had this to say “It’s a good even and a good cause because what it does is take abuse which I feel is sometime put on the backburner and bring it out in the light and puts it back on people’s minds that it’s a horrible issue that can happen and it’s not something we want to promote.”


Over the past couple of months society has seen more domestic violence and sexual assault from athletes then anyone would like to see. Some of the athletes that found themselves in trouble are Ray Rice and Greg Hardy for domestic violence and Darren Sharper for sexual assault.


Georgia Southern Safety Matt Dobson because of these transgressions felt it was especially important to be at this event with his fellow teammates.


“We wanted to come out and show our support to the community. This is for a great cause, and you know domestic abuse is a serious problem, and we want to show that we are trying to help with that problem. A lot of times athletes get a reputation for negativity and we want to show we have a bunch of good guys on our team,” Dobson Said.


Walk a Mile In Her Shoes is an event to bring awareness to sexual assault and domestic violence. Georgia Southern’s athletic department is using this platform  to be a symbol that says enough is enough and we will not tolerate it anymore.

Hanner Fieldhouse Becomes 

Impentrable Fortress

By Cesar Perez


During the daytime Hanner Fieldhouse is just another brick building on campus but on winter Thursday and Saturday nights it becomes something much more. It’s a fortress guarded by hundreds of fans who will not hesitate to call out the referee on his poor performance.


As you walk into Hanner amidst the onrushing crowd, you are immediately engulfed by a faint musty smell that displays just how old the building is. The mustiness is quickly overpowered by popcorn being made in the concession stand downstairs. If the smell were not enough indication of the building’s age then a closer look at the chipped paint on the railings and the stained floor should provide a better idea.


The stairs leading to the seating sections have long ago lost their grey color and are instead tainted black from the repeated trample of fans’ feet. Although the building is small in comparison to the number of students at Georgia Southern, Hanner is a maze within. There are numerous pathways leading into the stands, locker rooms, and offices so that it’s possible to get lost.


Once you have made your way to an available seat and all the stands are filled, it is impossible to talk to the person next to you as the crowd noise drowns out any attempt. All you can do is join in the excitement and the countless voices cheering on their team. Their purpose is to intimidate the opposing team. As the game begins, Georgia Southern fans waste no time in letting the opposing team know whose house it is.


Longtime rival Appalachian State was the most recent team to feel the pressure of Hanner Fieldhouse. As the stands were tinted with “True Blue” fans on that particular Thursday you could hear the ever-loud “Georgia - - Southern” chant all the way out into the parking lot as fans kept pouring in well into the first quarter.


During the previous home game against the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Georgia Southern head basketball coach Mark Byington commented on the huge turnout and what it meant for the team to look up and see the stands filled.


“I had never seen Hanner like this,” said Byington, “I am so glad for the huge crowd that came out and showed support because it really helps our guys. Now we just have to keep them coming.”


An arena without its fans is just an empty shell. Without their attendance there would be no awareness of the musty smell, appreciation of the popcorn being made, and the stairs would still exhibit their faded color. But who would care? The fans help Hanner Fieldhouse serve its purpose, to do what it was built for - - to house 4,358 passionate, screaming fans, eager to encourage their team to excel in every way. It may not be as impressive as many arenas, but it’s uniquely Our House!

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