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Chase Martaus

Nov. 4, 2020

Idaho Republican Senator, Jim Risch has been reelected to Congress after defeating Democratic nominee, Paulette Jordan. The race was called at 11p.m. last night.


As of 5 a.m. Wednesday morning, Risch had 63% of the votes from the 99% of the precincts reported. This will be his third term in the Senate.


Risch did not campaign much, mostly relying on Idaho’s reputation as a heavily red state. Most of his support came from conservative, small businesses and religious organizations that advocate pro-life and anti-abortion laws. 


The Senator is not in support of the Affordable Care Act and has said that he wants the private sector to push the bulk of health insurance and medical services instead of the government. He also wants the state and local areas to have more control over public land.


Risch has passed all of the blame on China for the state of the coronavirus and is considered the most conservative senator according to the National Journal. 


This will be Risch’s third term in the Senate. He has has served in the Senate since 2008.  

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