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As of 8:25 p.m. in the state of Illinois, Democratic candidate JB Pritzker is in the lead with 49.9% of votes, while Republican candidate Bruce Rauner holds 44.3%


Conservative candidate Sam McCann is sitting at 3.3%, and Libertarian candidate Kash Jackson is sitting at 2.5%.


The race between Pritzker and Rauner is the largest race in Illinois, according to ABC 7 Chicago.


“People are tired of Bruce Rauner and his failure to get anything done. And together this team is going to make sure that Illinois sets itself on the right path," Pritzker said in the article.


Both Pritzker and Rauner have self-funded their campaigns, contributing $161.5 million and $67.8 million, respectively.


As of 9.20 p.m, JB Pritzker is projected to win the Illinois gubernatorial election.


He currently has 948,124 votes, while opponent Bruce Rauner has 491,300.


Pritzker has managed to remain ahead in the polls throughout their duration.


Democrats have consolidated power in the state of Illinois for a significant time period.

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