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Shelton Jackson

Nov. 4, 2020

Illinois remains blue as former Vice President Joe Biden is projected to win Illinois in his quest for the presidency.

According to the Associated Press, Biden has won 55.1 percent of the votes compared to President Trump’s 43.1 percent of votes in Illinois. Biden will receive 20 electoral college votes in his quest to reach 270 to win.

Biden was able to keep this state as Hillary Clinton managed to win Illinois in the 2016 election. Illinois has traditional been blue in previous elections this was the state where former President Obama was the senator.

In the senator’s race, Democratic candidate Richard Durbin win the senate seat with 52.3 percent of the vote. The Democratic Party is also winning 11 of the 16 US House races in Illinois that has been called. There are still two more races to call according to the Associated Press.

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