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Lieutenant Governor's Race

Candidates Geoff (Jeff) Duncan and Sarah Riggs Amico are running for Lieutenant Governor in this year’s Georgia candidate race.

Geoff Duncan

Duncan is running for the republican party; he leans more towards the conservative side of things. He is a father of three, husband, and a former MLB player. Duncan is also a well accomplished in the business world being a trailblazing entrepreneur who has thrived in the private sector.

He had the pleasure of working with several Fortune 500 companies during his time with his business. He later decided to throw his hat into the political ring by being elected in Georgia House of Representatives in 2012 for the newly formed 26th District in Georgia. Duncan also played a very crucial part in developing the HB152- Michael’s Law which was formed in the wake of freshman Michael Gatto’s death. 

He played a big role in The Cargo Theft Act as well which helped the state of Georgia become one of the lowest in the US when discussing car thefts.Duncan’s stance focuses on empowering parent so that they can have a better understanding of the educational bureaucracy which will in turn giving them more power.

Being someone who started his own successful business he wants to give the common people the same opportunities to help make their business ventures successful.

Sarah Riggs Amico

Sarah Riggs Amico is running for the Democratic party against Duncan. Like Duncan she too was a business owner, who employed thousands of union truck drivers and mechanics.

She is a Christian woman who comes from Kennesaw, Georgia. She really is an open minded politician who is pro-labor, pro-choice, pro-marriage equality, pro-gay rights Christian woman. She understands her stance confuses a lot of chance. She wants to give teachers the salaries they deserve for doing a great job, as well as increase vocational and technical training in high school and community college to help make students more equipped for the real world.

She put her bid in December of 2017 by announcing her run through the launch of her website. She plans on become the first woman to ever be elected as Lieutenant governor and the first democrat elected since 2006.

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