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Louisiana is currently being lead by Republicans in the house.


The race is coming to a close with 4 winning Republics and only 1 winning Democrat. Scalise, Johnson, Abraham, and Graves all won with 60% or more. Richmond, Democrat, won with 79%.


Higgins is the last Republican leading in the house polls for the state, but is expected to win.


This was the biggest election in the state of Louisiana due to no gubernatorial race this year.   





Louisiana is keeping this election quite calm and waiting until 2019 for their governor election.

With that being said, their ballot measures were pretty unanimous this election. The most unanimous Ballot Measure was prohibiting felons from office.


The state will no longer allow felony convictions unless the vote is unanimous.


Some other Ballot Measures were very close but all resulted in “yes”. These consisted of property tax exemptions, phase-in property tax increase, and ending traffic control funding.   


Not a single Ballot Measure was voted “no” in the Louisiana midterm elections.

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