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Lt Governor Race Results

Geoff Duncan is now Georgia newest Lieutenant Governor for Georgia after beating Sarah Amico Riggs.

Geoff Duncan has succeeded in becoming the Lt Governor of the state of Georgia. After climbing through the ranks starting from small town business owner to working with fortunate 500 companies then climbing his way through Georgia political house. He is set to be the first ever Governor to come out Forsyth county.

One of Duncan biggest emphasis throughout his campaign was that of education. He saw it hlp his kids become great people in today in age. So, he want to spread this to all of kids in Georgia. Duncan won by 52.2% which is around 1.95 million voters while Riggs had 47.8 percent which is around 1.85 million.

Duncan’s hometown county back him up in the election and he made sure that he gave them more than enough recognition during his acceptance speech. He was declared the winner Wednesday but Amico has still not conceded the race even though she was defeated.

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