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The Senate seat for Maryland has been taken over by Democrat, Ben Cardin, according to New York Times.  


Ben Cardin has won the Senate seat for this State. It was a landslide win for Cardin.


He won with 160,089 votes with Tony Campbell behind him with 45,027 votes.


This is not Cardin’s first go round. This was predicted to happen so it did not come as a shock to those in Maryland.


Favored Republican incumbent, Larry Hogan, pulled out the win for Governor of Maryland.


It was a close call between Hogan and Democrat Ben Jealous. Jealous winning would have been the first African American Governor  for the state of Maryland


Hogan won with 51% with Jealous not far behind at 47%.


According to an Associated Press projection, Hogan winning was incredible due to the fact that a Republican has not won a reelection in more than 60 years.

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