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As of 9:33 p.m., Michigan’s Governor Candidate’s Republican John James is winning by 50.2% with Democratic Debbie Stabenow with a percentage of 47.4%.

According to CNN, Michigan was part of the infamous blue wall for Hillary Clinton that led President Trump into the White House.

Michigan is proposing three proposal ballots which is the legalization of Marijuana, the redistricting commission and a proposal to authorize automatic and Election Day registration. Democrat Ihhan Omar, the first two Muslim American women to serve in Congress wins over Republican Jennifer Zielinski.


Democrat Debbie Stabenow is now in the led in Michigan with a 52.7 percent and with Republican John James right behind her with 45.3 percent. 56.59 percent of Michigan residents vote yes to the legalization of marijuana proposal.

Democrat Candidate of U.S Senate in Michigan Amy Klobuchar has won against Republican Jim Newberger with a percentage of 66.9 percent to 29.9.

The polls closed at 9 p.m. in Michigan. After polls closed early during the primary election in Michigan, voters came to the polls in large numbers with an intention to break a record in the gubernational election.

The ACLU of Michigan encourage voters to stay in line until people were able to vote.

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