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Shelton Jackson

Update 1: Nov. 4, 2020

Former Vice Presidents Biden’s promise to restore the blue wall is projected to come true as Michigan has been called for Joe Biden.

According to CNN, Joe Biden is projected to win Michigan drawing closer to the 270 mark of electoral votes to win the presidency. Biden will receive 16 more electoral college votes to increase his total to 253 electoral college votes.

This projection came the day after the election as more votes were being counted which were mail-in votes that Biden has received a large percentage of throughout the country. According to CNN, a large percentage of these mail-in ballots that were left to be counted were coming from the large unban areas of Michigan that are more democratic.

Late last night, Trump was leading in Michigan before these ballots were counted. However, the state flipped early Wednesday morning as Biden took the lead in Michigan as mail-in ballot votes were being counted.

This is a flip from the 2016 presidential election as Biden has taken back Michigan from President Trump who won Michigan in 2016. This projection comes a couple of hours after Biden was projected to win Wisconsin which means that Biden has succeeded in restoring the blue wall that Trump was able to win in 2016.

With flipping Michigan and Wisconsin, Biden is closing in a victory as more states are yet to be called.

Update 2: Nov. 5, 2020

Michigan keeps it’s Democratic seat in the Senate as Gary Peters defeated Republican John James in Michigan’s Senate race to gain reelection in hopes that the Democratic party can gain control of the U.S. Senate.

According to the Associated Press, Peters managed to win 49.8 percent of the vote to 48.3 percent garnered by John James. This is significant if Democrats want control of the Senate.

Peters has served as Michigan’s senator since 2015. According to his website, Peters top priority as senator has been to grow the economy while creating good-paying jobs in Michigan and helping the middle-class.

According to the Associated Press, Democrats currently have 46 seats in the Senate while the Republicans have 48 seats. 51 seats are needed in order for one party to have the majority in the Senate. Therefore, the Democratic party needs to win 4 more seats in order to gain the majority.

Republicans held the majority coming into this election, but Democrats were hoping to flip the Senate. However, Democrats have underperformed in other Senate races in other states. Meanwhile, Michigan has managed to stay blue as the quest for control of the Senate continues as races are yet to be called in several states.

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