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Democratic candidate Claire McCaskill of Missouri is winning the Senate election. She has 51.1 percent of the votes.

This election shows change because Missouri voted Republican in the last presidential and midterm elections.

McCaskill supports same-sex marriages and wants the Missouri citizens to have access to affordable health care. She also wants the minimum wage to be increased.

Current Sen. Roy Blunt did not run in the midterm elections. He was against Obamacare and believed that small business should regulate healthcare fees.

There was not a gubernatorial election for Missouri this year. Governors are elected during the presidential elections.

Republican Governor Mike Parson has not said if he will be running in the next election, which will be held in November 2020.

UPDATE 12:30 aM

The Senate election in Missouri has shifted.


Rep. Candidate John Hawley is projected to win. Approximately 2.2 million votes have been counted, and he has 51.9 percent of them.

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