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More than drinks

Statesboro bars offering different types of weekly entertainment

By Matt Sowell


STATESBORO, Ga.- For those looking to explore Statesboro beyond the bars, local business owners have created multiple weekly events to those who want to have a mellow evening with friends.


Bar owners have begun to highlight and find new ways of drawing in crowds. From karaoke nights to corn-hole competitions, students and locals are being offered a variety of activities to fill time on a night out.


Perhaps the most original of the options takes place at Mellow Mushroom on the first and third Monday of every month. The bar area becomes a hub of board games brought in from Galactic Comics and Games, a local comic book shop.


Chandler Brannen, assistant manager of Mellow Mushroom, explained the success of game nights at Mellow.


“It’s really relaxed, it’s like a big group of friends coming together and just hanging out,” Brannen said. She added that the $2 pizza slices and drink specials also help draw in a crowd.


Keith Brown, the owner of Galactic Comics, said that games range from simple card games to extravagant board games. Oh my Goods, Splendor, House on the Hill, Cards Against Humanity, Kittens in a Blender and Ticket to Ride were just a few of the popular games played at the last game night.


“We’ve always talked about doing one [at Mellow Mushroom]. I made the comment this would be a great place and it turns out there was a regional person sitting at the bar who overheard me. The manager came over and one thing lead to another. She approached me again a few weeks later and that’s how it was born,” Brown said.


Brown added that Galactic Comics also offers game night every Friday for those who want the fun without the drinks.

Game nights are just the beginning of the entertainment options at Statesboro bars. Gnat's Landing, one of the older bars in the area, offers karaoke nights and in-house concerts throughout the month.


Eagle Creek Brewery, a brew-house in Statesboro, offers weekly activities such as open mic nights, tastings and frequent concerts.

Map and graphic by Lauren Gorla

Eagle Creek Thursday night trivia

Video by Chelsea Davis

One popular bar activity that has been popular in the area is trivia, which is held at several local bars, including Gnat's Landing, Eagle Creek and Loco's Bar and Grill.


Daniel Cannonn, manager of Loco's, said that trivia nights are interesting because they bring together a wide variety of people. He said the ages usually range anywhere from 18 to people in their mid-40s, saying that many of them are regulars.

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