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New York


Xavier Branch

Nov. 4, 2020

Democrat Joseph R. Biden Jr. wins the state of New York in the 2020 presidential election Tuesday night.

According to the Associated Press, Biden adds the 29 electoral votes from winning New York to his overall total from other states. Biden received 58% of the presidential votes while Trump received only 40% with the current estimated vote total being reported for New York is 84%.

New York has the third largest Electoral College tying their number of votes with Florida. Those 29 votes have gone to the Democratic Presidential Candidate for the past 36 years as the last Republican to win New York was Ronald Reagan in 1984. This year’s election was the first time that New York opened early voting and made it available to people in the community to vote before Election Day.

According to the Associated Press, New York held some of the more important House Races that were expected to show a glimpse of the political tone in the United States. Democrat’s Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones both won their respective bids on Tuesday for Districts 15 and 17 making them first two openly gay Black representatives in Congress.

Torres is an Afro-Latino city councilman in the Bronx and Jones is an attorney who graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Law School. Both men created history with their wins as they look to bring equality along with other aspects and values to their communities in New York.

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