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Xavier Branch

Update1: Nov. 4, 2020

Many races have stayed close even until the day after Election day resulting in the winner to not be determined just yet in this year’s presidential election for some states including Pennsylvania.

According to the Associated Press, 81% of the estimated vote total has been reported for Pennsylvania so far with President Donald J. Trump leading the race. Trump has received 53% of the votes while his Democratic counterpart Joseph R. Biden Jr. has received 46% of the votes.

Pennsylvania was one of the several states that remained too close to call including Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin by midnight. According to the Associated Press, Biden had racked up 205 electoral votes to Trump’s 171 by the time Election day ended at midnight. Each vote from then on has been crucial for both sides in deciding which way the election is going to end up swaying towards.

According to the Associated Press, it was a surprise victory for Trump in Pennsylvania back in the 2016 election. So for this year’s election, Biden is attempting to attract the Black and Latino Voters in the big cities such as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia while Trump gains his support from the predominantly white, rural areas in their deeply conservative interior counties.

Only a handful of races have yet to be called as the country waits to see which candidate will pull through in the important swing states that are left such as Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Update 2: Nov. 7, 2020

Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election as the electoral votes from Pennsylvania pushed him over the mark of 270 Saturday morning.

After four days of votes getting counted across the United States, the race in Pennsylvania has finally been called.


According to the Associated Press, Joe Biden took the lead of the state on Friday as he has received 49.7% of votes while Trump is behind with 49.2% of votes. Pennsylvania has reached 99% of their reported estimated vote total.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes were enough to put Biden over the edge to win. According to the Associated Press, Biden won with 284 electoral votes after winning Pennsylvania while Trump only had 214 votes.

Biden made a comeback in the last moments of the Pennsylvania race as he was losing to Trump for the first couple of days that votes were being counted. Trump had a slight chance to come back to win the election before this race had been called but he would have had to win each of the races moving forward.

Trump was able to win Pennsylvania in the last presidential election after a Republican had not won there since 1988. The state has now gone back to blue by voting the Democratic party and the 2020 U.S. presidential election winner Joe Biden into office.

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