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How campus ministries handle college culture

Stories featuring different ministries on and offf campus 

Prayer Walk: New Covenant Church

Christian Organizations/ Churches

College Service Tuesday at 7:00 PM 701 Gentilly Road

Tuesday at 8:00 PM in the Russel Union Theater

Wednesday Nights at 8:00 PM 103 Herty Drive

Thursday at 7:00 PM Russel Union 2075

University Mass 5:00 PM Sunday at St. Matthews Catholic Church 221 John Paul Avenue

By Katie Tolbert


Georgia Southern University has several religious organizations and nearby churches that are looking to reach out to its college population. At a university of over 20,000 students, many religious organizations are trying to make their way on campus, but not all have been successful.


From Christianity to Earth-based faiths, the religious organizations on campus cover a wide range of religions and beliefs. The religions that are more accepted have organizations with a large following, while the religions that aren't have organizations that are dwindling in size and impact. 


Presence on campus


The Wesley Foundation is a ministry centered around the sense of community through the studies of followers of Jesus Christ. Its main focus is the Georgia Southern campus.


“Most things come down to community, who are you surrounding... 


Student Profile : Charles Montana

By: Caroline Hodge 

Charles Montana is a senior journalism major at Georgia Southern. Montana like many other students struggled with the temptations that college life can bring and in efforts to change his ways, he started to live his life for Jesus.  


“I believed this whole lie of the college experience growing up, like what you see in the movies. I thought that drinking, sleeping around, and not going to class would bring me happiness when it actually crashed my life down,” Montana said.


He then became a member of Chi Alpha Campus Christian Fellowship.


“I realized that I didn’t want to live this way anymore, so my friend Jay took me to a Chi Alpha meeting and I dedicated my life to living for Jesus,” Montana said.



Charles went with Northpoint Church to Jamaica last summer where he evangelized to the local people through physical labor and sermons. 

Chi Alpha is a ministry that is involved with 300 different campuses nationwide. The Georgia Southern group meets every Tuesday at 8:00 P.M. in the Russell Union Theatre.  

Unitarian Universalist Foundation Of Statesboro:

Jewish Organization


Saturday Nights. Contact Hannan Leman for more info.

Sunday at 10:30 AM 6762 Cypress Lake Road



Sunday at 10:30 AM 6762 Cypress Lake Road

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