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Tailgating at Georgia Southern University 

by Mary Catherine Pittman
last updated November 10, 2017

Hearing a crowd of several hundred people scream “hail southern”, smelling hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, or seeing who can chug their beer the fastest only means that you are at a Georgia Southern University tailgate. Tailgating is just not something to do when you are bored at this school, but a way of life. Being a part of a GSU tailgate is something that brings not only students together, but families, alumni, and local people in the community as well.


A sea of navy blue and white floods the town of Statesboro on these particular days. There are people walking up and down the sidewalks, boys riding in truck beds, and girls dressed to the nines. The town comes together to support one cause, and that is the eagles.


Brian Dart, head of Southern Greek housing, is an alumni of Georgia Southern and has been tailgating ever since he attended this school in 2001.

“My wife and I still go to every home football game and tailgate outside of the stadium or on Greek Row. The students and alumni of Southern have such a passion for football that its incredible. I’ll never stop tailgating.”

As Dart stated in his interview, there is a fire among students when it comes to football season and being a part of something bigger.


Students and alumni tend to migrate to the stadium, onto Greek Row, or to local restaurants and bars to participate in tailgate activities. Most adults like to grill out, hang out with old friends, and just mingle, while letting the college students get a tad bit more rowdy.


The past few games have been a bust for the Eagles, but that has not stopped anyone from cheering them on and having a good time. Restaurants and bars are slammed on game days due to the influx of guests in town. Jim Perry, Shenanigans Bar owner, stated that game days are his best and top “money making days”.


According to Zack Wilson, president of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, you can expect to see 200 plus college students roaming around the Kappa Sig House screaming, shotgunning beer, and being just down right wild. “Statesboro has changed alot over the years but tailgating is one tradition that will never die here. Hail Southern and no place else.”

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