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Political Orgs Stay Invovled Despite Election Drama

by Caitlyn Oliver

Federal election years are typically about opposing views but the 2016 election has seen more controversial and conflicting views than in recent years, even within parties. 

College students, as some of the most politically active citizens, have been paying more attention than usual to this election. 

"This is the future of our county and we're the people this affects the most," Amber Bailey, GS Young Democrats president said.

Bailey has been involved in politics from a young age and seen what politically influence looks like from having family in official positions. 

Active participation and involvement on campus tends to "fizzle out" after prominent elections despite the organization having a presence on campus for the last two years.

Young Democrats works to make voting easier for students, increasing accessibility and knowledge of the voting process. 

When it comes to the political candidates running in the election, GS College Republicans has had more excitement.

"The state of Georgia has basically our own section of the national GACR committee that released a statement not too long ago saying that they more or less release us from any sort of responsibility to support Donald [Trump] in any fashion but they don't want us to endorse another candidate," Chase Davis, GS College Republican president, said.

The Georgia Southern chapter voted in favor of the statement released by the Georgia Association of College Republicans because they believe Trump does not reflect conservative values.

"As an organization, we try to pretend he [Trump] doesn't exist," Davis said.

Davis, a lifelong Republican supporter, does not support either candidate as he personally believes neither reflects the best interests of the country.

Before the recent football game against Appalachian State, the College Republicans hosted a tailgate with the lieutenant governor to help localize election politics.

Both Democrats and Republicans have been championing their party ideals this election and will continue to do so after the November election.

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