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STATESBORO, GA - Fashion is a perennial industry that emphasizes romanticism, creativity and personal expression.

“When we are forecasting what’s going to be next for the runway, what people wear now and have access to, is kind of late. We always have to work six months to a year in advance,” she said.
Pantone, a company that distributes color combinations to various different industries, is responsible for making color forecasts for each new season.

Hope Wallace, a fashion apparel and design professor at Georgia Southern University, has been working in the fashion industry for many years.
humidity and wind during the springtime. Since the weather constantly changes, the fashion trends have to be refashioned.People have to dress for the sunshine, rain, 


By: Ricky Veasley

What’s trending?
With the rise of transgendered individuals becoming fashion icons, androgynous and gender neutral clothing are trending right now.
Clothing lines like Original Tomboy, One Wolf and Polarn O Pyret cater to making clothes that fit individuals who feel they are not too masculine or feminine.
Monochromatic clothes, wearing the same color in different shades, is trending right now. Monochromatic clothes reference 90’s styles, which is making a comeback also. 
High-waisted pants, overalls, geometric prints (stripes, polka dots, urban tribal prints) and denim jackets are some of the items we see now that reference the eclectic style of the 1990s.
“Fashion is just a cycle,”  Wallace said. “Research shows that every 30 years it repeats itself and every 200 years the emphasis placed on a certain erogenous areas changes also.”

What’s next?
“Fashion is moving a leisurely fashion,” Wallace said 

Wallace said into the colors that are predicted to be on trend will be electric primary colors such as electric blue, electric 
Models are taking a hiatus from heels because of their busy lifestyle and men's pants are becoming looser for more comfort.
.orange and chartreuse.
As consumers of clothes, knowledge about what you are wearing and how you are wearing it is important to the romanticism behind the clothes.
“I wish that people would educate themselves on the art of dressing and conventions of dressing, even though some of those areas are a little bit gray now. Try different things to develop your style and this [Spring] is the time to do that,” Wallace said.


Photo cred: Ilyssa Johnson

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