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Jade Pinder                                                                                                                                                                Ricky Veasley


Watch as these fashion students work hard to create their Greek-inspired designs .

Dress in the Press , an annual fashion show for the last six years, spiced up the competition with Greek mythology as the theme this year.


Dress in the Press provides an opportunity to anyone that loves fashion and wants a unique contest experience while still drawing attention to an important cause- recycling.


“We spend all this time printing lots and lots of papers, but not all of them get taken. The ones that do not get taken by students, it’s just a cool way to have them recycled into new creations and what we do not use from the competition we recycle for Recyclemania for the school ,” Lauren Little Dress in the Press coordinator said.


The event has increased in participation as well as changed locations over the years. The event continues to succeed standards and put students in the know about the importance of recycling.


Fourth annual Judge Hope Simpara explains that Dress in the Press is now a bigger event and more hands on. The event used to be in the Russell Union ballroom, but it is now located in the Williams Center. Simpara said it is more intimate now and there is a lot more time. The first year they to create two garments in less time.


“It has progressed and our students love to show off their work so we put some of the stuff up in our building in the showcase,” Simpara said.


Even students that do not major in fashion are excited to be a part of such a unique event.


“It’s something fun to do to get into fashion,” exercise science major Denise Davis. “It feels like a costume, I learned how much work was put into it and the creativity that people put into what they want to get out of and it’s something really fun to do,.


Davis explains that she will definitely do it again next year as long as she has the same team standing with her.


Though Dress in the Press started off as a little event to get students to get involved, it has become a memorable event throughout the years. It puts a spin on recycling while getting others to indulge in fashion.


So would you participate in Dress in the Press? Tweet us at gsu_beautyandstyle.











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