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By: Ilyssa Johnson

STATESBORO, GA - Fashion labels from metro Atlanta, Statesboro, and Savannah took the runway by storm this weekend to be “exposed”. Underground Exposure was hosted by Visage Fashion Company this past Saturday at the Williams Center and showcased the hard work of many upcoming labels in our community.  Live entertainment was also present throughout the event.

Street style was definitely a trend with many designers that participated. Ripped jeans, graphic tee's and vintage tops were trending down the runway.

Eagle News and Entertainment caught up with the creator and host of the Underground Exposure fashion show, Jamie Lary. Jamie said that this was a true collaboration by many minds in the fashion industry.

“One part of the event that I really enjoyed was being able to network with so many different clothing brands simultaneously,” Lary said.

He said he knew some of the designers already, but he met some through other designers and friends. "Half of the designers are located in Atlanta while the rest were local to our area.” mentioned Lary.

Only days after the show, next years plans are already in the works.“I would do it again and I plan to do it again,” close Lary.

Next year Lary plans to change the line up. He said if he had to change one thing about his event it would be the order of the line up, but overall he was really pleased with everything.

Designers of the night included Inner Scammer, Surplus, Wisdom, MMUDI, Beast, and Bate Clothing. Check out the Eagle News and Entertainment poll to find out who was the crowd favorite!

Map Cred: Jade Pinder

 G A L L E R Y 

Photo Cred: Ricky Veasley

 V I D E O 

Video Cred: Sasha Phillip

Who's your favorite?

Ten randomly selected audience members were given a list of options and asked to choose their favorite model of the evening as well as their favorite fashion line.

Poll Cred: Jade Pinder

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