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Amendment Four

Statesboro residents participate in early voting hell at the Bulloch County Annex in Statesboro residents

Despite Election Day on being November. 8, residents of Bulloch County are encouraged to vote early, and will be offered plenty of chances to do so before the actual Election Day.

Early voting officially started in Georgia on October 17,and more and more polling places have been opened allowing residents to have numerous options for if they choose to vote early.

The Bulloch County Annex has been open since the 17th, allowing people to vote, however both Georgia Southern University and the Honey Bowen Building are also going to open allowing voters to have more options on where they can cast their vote.

“On Election Day, the polls are going to be congested and you may not be able to park,” said Patricia Jones, the Elections Supervisor for Bulloch County.


One thing Jones wanted to make clear is how easy the process for early voting is and how going to the polls can be a quick trip compared to waiting in possibly long lines come Election Day.


“No matter what precinct you are scheduled to vote in, you can vote in any of the early voting locations in Bulloch County,” says Jones.


There is also voting by absentee ballot which also prevents any wait on Election Day.


To apply for an absentee ballot, any voter can go to their My Voter Page and fill out the application for the ballot. Georgia

 actually offers three different ways to submit the application including by mail, e-mail, and fax.

After filling out the application, voters can check on the status by visiting their My Voter Page and if approved, their absentee ballot will be mailed to them. Those ballots are due back when polls close on November 8, so voters should not procrastinate once they receive them.

With so many options when it comes to early voting, it will be interesting to see what the turn-out is like when Election Day comes to Bulloch County on November. 8.

Early Voting Officially begins

-Stateboro, GA

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