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Everyone loves fall in Statesboro because, it’s the first time that the weather becomes temperate enough that it actually represents a season other than summer. The scorching heat transforms into chilly mornings and enjoyable afternoons. Tree leaves switch from their lush bright green shades to their brittle warm-toned opposites. Houses and apartments are dressed with holiday decorations and lights to celebrate the beginning of the holidays.


This year, U.S. consumers will spend $9.1 billion on Halloween alone. Of that $9.1 billion, $2.7 billion will be spent on decorations for the holiday.


The best way to get yourself into the holiday spirit this year is to decorate your space with all things festive.


According to the National Retail Federation, in 2017 only 49.2% of people will decorate.


The best places to find fall inspiration are just around the corner. Off Veterans Memorial Pkwy and Brampton Ave. is the first stop to all things fall, at Michael Gee’s pumpkin patch.



Another great place to get inspiration for home and garden decorations is the Mad Potter, a business tucked away right near GSU’ campus.


Part-owner of the Mad Potter, Consuela Brown, says that the best decorations for the holidays are wreaths, statues, pumpkins, perennial plants like mums and evergreens, and jack-o-lanterns.


"The best for carving are the big ones," says Gee "but if you want to decorate go for the little white ones and if you want a good pie, get the little orange ones. They're the sweetest."

Brown suggests sticking with a theme while decorating so, it’ll be easier to transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Her favorite transitional decoration is a croton plant because it’s perennial and, it incorporates fall colors.

A great place to find holiday decorations and Halloween costumes is at Party Impressions. Only 48.2% of U.S. consumers will dress up in a costume this Halloween.


Just down the street from the Mad Potter, you can find decor for the inside of your home and out, that can satisfy your spooky or cute side of decorating.


Becky Hoover, manager, has worked at Party Impressions for over five years. Hoover says that during her time here, new and repeat customers love their life-size skeletons, skulls, tombs/tombstones, and signs.


They have other great decorations like light-up spiders, vultures, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins, cauldrons, and RIP signs.


In 2017, U.S. consumers on average will spend about $86.13 per household for planned Halloween related items.


Senior at GS, Katie Willis, loves to decorate her apartment for the holidays.


Willis says that spiderwebs and glitter is a must for Halloween.


“I have maybe spent around 50 bucks on decorations,” says Willis. She gets most of her holiday decorations from either Walmart and TJ Maxx.


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