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Decorating dorm spaces can prove to be a challenge for students on tight budgets, but some Georgia Southern freshmen are coming up with some cost-effective ways to display their memories from their small hometown of Griffin, Georgia.

By: Chase Davis

When most seniors in high school come to look at a college they could possibly attend in the future, they have a list of things they look for. How big is the school? How big is the campus? How are the classes? What’s the reputation of the school? Is there a football team? Do they have my potential major? The last thing on their mind is what does the landscaping look like. But according to Ryan Macy, the landscaping superintendent, that is the reason he does his job.


Georgia Southern's famous "GSU" bushes in the "fork" of Sweetheart Circle. The photo above, "GSC" originally planted back in the 1980's as one of the Landscaping team's biggest projects.

Pictured above is the famous bushes today. They now sit in the end of the circle in Sweetheart. Photo by Jennifer Ochsenknecht.

This year, U.S. consumers will spend $9.1 billion on Halloween alone. Of that $9.1 billion, $2.7 billion will be spent on decorations for the holiday.

Holiday decorations like pumpkins, bales of straw, scarecrows and statues are for sale at the Mad Potter. Photo by Alana Tinsley.

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By: Branyan Towe

Now in its second year of operation, student interest in Georgia Southern's Campus Community Garden Workshop is growing. Here is a look inside one of the newest programs offered by GSU's Center For Sustainability.

Center for Sustainability intern, Guy Brandon Hobbs instructs students at the Campus Community Garden Workshop on  October 11th 2017. Photo by Branyan Towe

DIY Holiday Decoration Ideas: Wreaths 

To get this DIY Holiday Wreath you must first gather all the necessary supplies. The main pieces you’ll need is an over-the-door hook, a wreath of your choice (that you can add decorations to), decorations and things to attach the decorations if needed.

First, assemble your holiday decorations in an arrangement you like on your wreath. And then, you fasten your decorations to the wreath and hang your new holiday decoration where ever you like.

Everything in this video was from Hobby Lobby with the grand total of about $20 for two complete, different holiday wreaths. The wreath itself, was about five dollars and, the individual decorations were either two or three dollars each. The over the door hook was only two dollars so, every item’s price is dependent on your budget and what you would like in your DIY.

In the following video Nina White, DIY enthusiast, demonstrates how to make cute, cheap holiday wreaths.

Vibrant colors and DIY decorations adorn Caroline English's bedroom.  You can have a chic room on a small budget and space.  Photo by Chase Davis.

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