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October 26, 2016 / By: Yazmen Settle

Early voting has begun and the countdown to the Election of 2016 is slowly coming to an end. From the chaotic debates and rumors in the tabloids the presidential candidates may have a hard time getting voters on their side. It may be safe to say that this presidential election is like no other election in the past.


“We are now looking at a reality where we have someone who has absolutely no political experience running against someone with years of experience being in office” said local Republican and Political Science Graduate, Lindsay Gribble.


Many voters of both the democratic and republican parties have begun participating in early voting. But even as a registered republican voter, Lindsay admits that she did not vote for Trump.


“Donald Trump does not represent what makes me identify myself as a republican voter. As a republican, we can not have this rhetoric that he displays all of the time” said Lindsay.


Lindsay explains that Trumps “nationalistic viewpoint” on everything and his rude comments about other world leaders is the complete opposite of what a republican president should exhibit.​


Many of the early voters have either voted just to vote against the opposing presidential candidate or didn’t vote for either of the candidates.


Local business owner and registered Democrat, Leslie Ingram shares “I have been a democrat voter since I was in college and I even supported Hillary's husband Bill but I must admit that the only reason I am voting for Hillary in this election is because I refuse to let Trump become president”.


Leslie does admit that she was a Hillary supporter until the email scandal and the constant changes of Hillary’s viewpoints on certain issues throughout her campaign.


“In my opinion, Hillary can’t be trusted as president. Yes, she may have more experience than Trump but I don’t think she has the proper ethics to be our next president”  said Leslie.


According to, Clinton is winning the election with a polling average of 46 percent while Trump follows behind with 39.6 percent.


Early voting will be open until November 4. Voting on Election Day is scheduled from 7am-7pm on November 8, 2016.



Lindsay Gribble:

Leslie Ingram:

Video by: Meg Elwood

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