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November 8, 2016 /by: Yazmen Settle

The votes are in for some states and Americans nationwide are on their toes. Trump is now leading the presidential election with 244 electoral votes and Clinton following behind at 209 electoral votes.


Dr. Matthew Flynn, Georgia Southern International Studies Professor, explains how other parts of the world maybe viewing America during this election "America has always embraced freedom and equality which are strong values that some resonate across the rest of the world. But in some aspects in this election and seeing some of the characteristics and stereotyping during this election makes some of the world wonder what's going on in the terms of the inclusive society that the United States had and constructed up to now."


The candidate that started off as the underdog is now surpassing what some Americans have expected.

Recent Georgia Southern graduate, Danny Waugh believes  "this election has been very interesting and a very different election to what we have seen before because Donald Trump was never a politician, he was a businessman. At least Hillary has been in office”


Toss up states such as Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida were all projected to go democrat; according to MSN however, Florida voted 49.14 percent for Trump. Pennsylvania is coming in very close with Trump at 48.32 percent and Clinton at 48.18 percent.


Marley Czyakowsky, Dade County Precinct Worker, has been working for her local polling precinct for several years and she admits that she is very disappointed in the result of the way Florida voted. She opens up about how this year’s election lacked enthusiasm, energy and the interest of voters.​

Even though the race is very close between the presidential candidates, it's certainly not over yet. CNN reported that Americans are still waiting for the call on Alaska, Arizona, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire.


By tomorrow morning, Americans will find out who will be the next president of the United States of America.


Dr. Matthew Flynn

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October 27, 2016 / By: Courtney Rorex 



November 8, 2016 / By: Damien Henderson

Georgia's 12th District, United States Representative closes his campaign tour by attending the College Republican Tailgate.

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