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Baby Sprouts: Future Gardeners Spring Into Action


Georgia Southern University's Center for Substainability and the Office of Leadership and Community Engagement have partnered with Bulloch County Parks and Recreation and several other local businesses to offer the elementary schools of Statesboro, GA, an after-school gardening program. The program teaches the basics and importance of gardening.


By Danielle Wardlow 

Story Graphic

Quick, Easy, and Affordable DIY

video by: Brea Dupye

A crafty design project that can be the highlight of the room!

Ft. Stewart Soliders Giving Back to Homeless Veterans

By: Brea Dupye


Growing up in the city of Baltimore, seeing people who were homeless was a normal occurrence. Being taught to not give my dollar to everyone that I stumbled upon created a feeling toward them like Orajel on a toothache, numb.


Before taking on the adventure into the woods, the Executive Director of the Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless (CSAH), Cindy Kelly, warned us to not travel too far due to the unstable mental conditions some of the people living there suffered from.


Twigs snapped at the bottom of my feet as I walked further on the trail deeper into the woods, hoping to see a homeless tent community. Fear began to set in as I approached the open area that was filled with a cluster of tents belonging to some of the homeless in Savannah.  


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